Multi-millionaire bought ex-“GNTM” model Nathalie Volk free in Turkey

Nathalie Volk is back with her ex Frank Otto. He even bought her free, as she now reveals.

the essentials in brief

  • Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto are back together.
  • Now they appeared together for the first time at an event.

They are 39 years but not a mile apart!

Former “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate Nathalie Volk (25) and multi-millionaire Frank Otto (64) are happy with each other again.

And according to her statements, it was probably not that easy. Because Nathalie Volk lived in Turkey for a long time. Was even engaged there to the previously convicted rocker Timur A.

“Frank actually bought me out. So, what does bought out mean … but he helped me get out of there,” said Volk to “RTL”.

“I think if I weren’t famous in Germany, it would have been much more difficult to get out of there.”

The actress (calls herself Miranda DiGrande) who lives in New York does not go into detail on this topic. She is happy to be back with her ex.

Does the second attempt at love with Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto have a better chance?

“I hope to be a mother in ten years. That would be my greatest wish,” said the 25-year-old. Oh yes, something else people would wish for. “And maybe an Oscar!”

When asked about her multi-millionaire, Nathalie Volk gets enthusiastic. “I’ve known him since I was 18. He’s my first boyfriend, he took me on my first date, gave me my first bouquet of flowers.”

“I had the best sex of my life with Frank because I had a lot of fun with him too. And he’s an experienced man.”

The entrepreneur then keeps his statements a little less intimate. But Otto is also happy.

«Relationships (…) are not plus or minus. In this respect, we can already build on a five-year history somewhere. But we may not yet know what will happen next.”

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