Music duo HE/RO: Ex-teen stars: “Are no longer the Lochis”

The Lochis were a very successful YouTuber and music duo. Just at “the peak of this career phase”, the twin brothers pulled the plug for a while, as Heiko and Roman Lochmann said in the APA interview: “It was high time.” As HE/RO, the Germans are back this year with the album “Teen Star Dilemma”. On January 17, 2023 they will be performing at Vienna’s Flex. “We are the best team to the death,” emphasized the two 23-year-olds.

“Nevertheless, there’s always a twin rivalry,” said Roman. “Even as children we had to be courageous: if one jumped out of a tree, the other had to follow suit. Testing limits is in our nature.” That’s why they weren’t afraid to end the Lochis and start again: “There was definitely a need for explanation in the environment. But it was completely clear to us. We turned 20, a lot had changed for us, we knew that we were developing further and have to shed ballast. The decision came straight from our hearts.”

“Found Our Center”

Musically, in the two years between Lochis and HE/RO, “a lot and extreme things were tried out,” as Roman explained. “Now we’ve gotten to a point where we can really say we’ve found our center. That feels really good, also because we can just be ourselves.”

As ex-teen stars, the brothers face one or the other prejudice. “We’ve known this all our lives, even before our careers when we were always pigeonholed as twins in our village,” Roman laughed disarmingly. “At the end of the day we do our thing, it’s never been any different. Now we’re called HE/RO – Heiko and Roman. That’s still us, but we’re Heiko and Roman, the 23-year-olds and no longer Lochis.”

The album title was deliberately chosen, Heiko continued. “He’s honest too. We wanted to disarm a few people with that. According to the motto: That’s the end of the teen star topic, let’s talk about the music.” This presents the brothers in a new sound somewhere between pop and rock. “I think it’s bad to be too leisurely,” said Heiko. “It spurs me on to be brave.”

“Were never super cool”

An obsessive image would hardly suit the Lochmanns, the naturalness of the brothers is their strength. “They say you have to be cool to be believable. Nah, we were never super cool,” Roman grinned. “We will never be that either. We are just us. That’s enough for us,” confirmed Heiko.

Everyone is looking forward to the Vienna concert: “Finally back in Austria, for the first time as HE/RO. It’ll be awesome! I can already imagine the sweat dripping from the ceiling,” says Roman. Also an addition from Heiko: “Of course we come with a band. Really live was always important to us. It gets really energetic.”

Incidentally, the village is now proud of the brothers, Heiko assured when asked. “It wasn’t that we weren’t liked. But we were never taken seriously. Not being taken seriously runs through our whole life,” he shrugged. “We’re a bit of the local heroes in the village now, but we’re still the boys from back then. We were never the Lochis for them, we’re not HE/RO, we’re always the twins or the Loch men.”