Music – Manager makes a difference between Gipsy Kings by André Reyes and Gipsies by Manolito

Gipsy Kings by André Reyes will bring to Santo Domingo the great hits that made this band in the 80s and 90s, such as “Djobi djoba”, “Bailame”, in a concert scheduled for Friday, May 20 at the La Fiesta del Jaragua hotel.

For this reason, its manager, Manuel Villegas, has called on Dominican fans of the flamenco pop group, Catalan rumba and other Latin sounds, not to be confused by another concert they will have in the country, the band Gypsies by Manolito , on the 13th of the current in the Jet Set Club, also in this capital. “They are people who sing Gipsy Kings songs, which is understood as a tribute, but who play tricks,” Villegas expressed to LISTÍN DIARIO, while complaining that the aforementioned tribute group is using the sound of the songs of their clients.

Villegas, who has worked on tours for Plácido Domingo, Rosario Flores and Marta Sánchez, recalled that a few years ago, Nicolás Reyes, who was the singer and leader of the Gipsy Kings, and his brother André Reyes, both founding members, decided to split up.

Agent and artistic manager with a career spanning 25 years, Villegas understands that the announcement of the Gipsies by Manolito concert is intended to confuse the public, who may think that they are the original Gipsy Kings, or that one of the members was part of the interpreters of “Bamboleo”, when it is not soi. “No member of that band has been a member of André’s, nor Nicolás’s, they are people who sing their songs,” stressed the businessman, and that one show has nothing to do with another.

He also announced that the Gipsy Kings are finishing the production of their new album, which will be released in about two months, and which will include the song “La Negra” in the repertoire, which will be the first single from the French band.