Music, rain and sand. This is how Bad Bunny received 2023

After dedicating his last publication of 2022 to all his fans, the Puerto Rican showed his fandom the way in which he received the new year

2022 was the year of the Bad Rabbit, confirmed by his faithful fandom and prestigious specialized publications such as Rolling Stone.

There is no doubt that the year that just ended left a lot of satisfaction for Bad Bunny, who announced a few weeks ago that in 2023 he plans to dedicate himself to him, his family and his friends.

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But before the last bells rang on New Year’s Eve, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio dedicated one last post to all his followers.

“last post of 2022 ❤️ one of the best years of my life… HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!! I LOVE THEM! THANKS A LOT!! This year I take it in my heart x100pre!!!!”, reads at the bottom of a set of photographs where he shows the look he chose to receive 2023.

To this end, this Sunday, the urban singer posted a series of clips on his Instagram stories showing the peculiar ritual with which he welcomed 2023.

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Between music, sand, gunpowder and sweets, the king of the music industry in 2022 wished his millions of fans a happy new year.

The bad rabbit thanked all his followers for the support received in 2022 and wished them a happy new year in his style. VIDEO: illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.

And just as it happened in San Salvador, Bad Bunny said goodbye to 2022 in the rain, already providing tone with urban rhythms.

Although there was also time to enjoy bachata, because while watching how some marshmallows melt on the fire, the unmistakable voice of Romeo Santos was heard in the background.