Music – Seventh Guest promotes his version of “For Love”

The Dominican rock band Séptimo Invitado promotes its most recent recording, a version of “Por amor”, authored by maestro Rafael Solano, which immerses itself in aspects with which the band identifies.

These topics are, a strong emotional charge in the interpretation, certain airs of darkness in their arrangements, and an approach to synthesizers that, at the time the original was presented, were the novelty in the music of the moment.

“We approach this issue with immense respect for the legacy of Maestro Solano and the history of Dominican music”said Edwin Sánchez, vocalist of the band, who also called his attention that this song was labeled “Rock Song”, at a time when it was not conventional in that genre in the country, a detail that led them to want to present your own vision.

In addition, he states that they reviewed the recent history of rock in the Dominican Republic, and realized that, even with its rock origins, “Por amor” did not have a version adapted by a national band.

The recording was produced by Séptimo Invitado, and engineer Carlos Yael Pantaleón (Trunoyz, Miami, FL.), with mixing and mastering by Swiss engineer and producer Johan Vilborg, at MixAndMaster studios, Stockholm, Sweden.

Recorded at 808 Studios by Daniel García and PigLab Studios (Luis Payán), “Por Amor” is available on all digital platforms.