“My beloved mother”: Charles III pays a poignant tribute to Elizabeth II for his first Christmas speech

A decisive speech, scrutinized by the United Kingdom and the whole world. This Sunday, November 25, Charles III a book her first Christmas speech as king. Highly anticipated, this one was revealed ahead of time on the internet, by an Australian channel. One ceremonial exercise, which nevertheless remains personal, renewing each year the link between the British monarch and his subjects. The message is all the more important because it is the first not to be spoken by Elizabeth II for 70 years. Solemn, facing the camera in the st george chapel from Windsor Castle, Charles III addressed the viewers in a navy blue suit, in front of a decorated Christmas tree. Her first words were to her mother, the late queen: “ I stand here, […] so near where my beloved mother lies with my dear father “, he underlined in the preamble.

The sovereign then referred to the ” letters, cards and messages of support sent by the population following the death of Elizabeth II. “ I cannot thank you enough for the love and compassion you have shown to our entire family. “, continued Charles III. And to follow up on the importance of Christmas to “ Those of us who have lost a loved one “. The king wanted to pay tribute to the memory of his mother, who ” did not only have faith in God, but also in people », and whose values ​​of mutual aid and compassion have innervated British society. A speech also focused on the future of populations affected by wars and famines, in these difficult times ” across the world and in the Commonwealth “. And to recall the importance of the action carried out by humanitarian organizations and charities.

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What message for his sons, William and Harry?

If Charles III did not pay special attention to his sons, – no personal message was intended for Harry –, the latter did not fail to recall the visits made by his eldest William and his wife Kate during numerous charity events, at the bedside of the most deprived. All accompanied by images of official visits made by the Prince and Princess of Wales during the year. One speech altogether classic, which nonetheless remains oriented towards mutual aid and awareness of current difficulties.

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