“My body has many stories to tell”

At 77 years old and grandmother of seven grandchildren, Talina Fernandez She is a whole woman, good company in every sense of the word, whom one could spend hours listening to and learning about everything. A few days ago, she experienced another tragic anniversary of her daughter, Mariana, on May 17, but she refuses to be a victim of fate. She is aware of the pain, but she does not dwell on suffering; on the contrary, she wants to live so much that she already shares a roof with her boyfriend, José Manuel, and she will give herself the opportunity to pose nude for someone very special…

Were your children always obedient? Yeah, none of them were late for a minute, ever, really. They were punctual, obedient… They have been very good children.

And the grandchildren? María, who as I adopted, had a horrible adolescence; she would tell me: “I’ll arrive at 1”, and she would come to me at 5 in the morning, and I would come all night with a bald eye! María gave me a lot of trouble, but she’s a hottie.

José Emilio lives with you, right?? Yes, he decided to stay with me, in my house. He is also very well behaved; I tell him what time he should arrive, and he is absolutely responsible, punctual… everything! It is wonderful to be with him.

Does he tell you everything? Yes, where it goes from, how long it will take, what time it returns… everything. What I can say about him is that he’s a bit sparing, because you ask him things and he’s dry, but beyond that I haven’t had a single problem with him. I have seven grandchildren and I am very happy.

How is Paul? In love and lost; I don’t know anything about her, but she knows that I’m always there for whatever she needs.

Are things going well with Maria? Yes, hyper better than anyone; She is super creative and I really enjoy talking with her, so much so that she is even going to do a nude photo shoot for me, just like in Eva’s dress.

How strong! Obviously we will be very careful not to show the nipples or the cocorocha. The body of an old woman has many stories to tell. Moles, scars…

They’re all stories, right? Yes, but from the watery belly; that is old age with a young soul. My body produced children, diseases, the operation that I survived… It really is wonderful.

Before this you were offered to pose like this? No never; in fact, when she was young she was skinny, like a stick, she had no charm. When I entered television with Raúl Astor, it was one of those with visual appeal, but in the 70s everything was expensive, nothing to teach. They never made me unseemly propositions.

Never never? No, never, never, and that was not seriesona; All my life I have had a very good humor, I inherited it from my mother.

Tell us about your boyfriend… He is 80 years old; He saw me in an interview with Mara (Patricia Castañeda) in which I said that I wanted a seventy-year-old to go to the movies, because I don’t even talk about sex… Well, he sent me a message: “I’m that one.” After four months I meet a beautiful woman who tells me she has an uncle who loves me, we met and that’s it…

Super fast… Yes, one no longer has time to say: “In a month”, who knows if I’m alive… Now that I’m alive, let’s do it.

How are they getting along? Very well, we eat, we drink coffee… and then the maroma! We don’t have to wait.

He’s handsome? Yes, he has papujos little green eyes; He is Spanish, I like him very much, and at 80 years old he is an extraordinary love. He is very walker; I do not anymore.