My desire wins: influencer Elena Huelva loses the battle against Ewing’s sarcoma – El Sol de México

Elena Huelvainfluencer originally from Seville, Spain, passed away on January 3 after fighting a rare type of cancer known as Ewing’s sarcoma.

The 20-year-old girl, who had been diagnosed with the condition at the age of 16, died accompanied by her family, who broke the news through Elena’s Instagram story, thanking them for the support they had given her.

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“Since this morning, Elena dances for you and looks at you from her star. Thank you for everything,” the post read.

Since the beginning of December, Elena had shared with her more than 900,000 followers on Instagram that her state of health was not as good as she expected, since her body was not reacting to the treatment.

Just four days ago, she posted a photo with a message recounting how hard the last month of the year had been for her.

“Tomorrow the year ends, it has been a year full of good things, it is the reality, despite everything, despite the fact that in August my life collapsed little by little and that this month of December they told me the worst thing that happened to them. they can tell a person,” he wrote.

In the same publication, she also said she was grateful for the air, the sun, and the small details of life that gave value to all her experiences during 2022.

“The simple fact of going out into the street, getting the sun on your face, the air, will seem silly, but it is one of the best silly things, the little things that really are the greatest”, were some of the last words of the young Spanish.

my desires win

One of Elena’s most inspiring phrases was my desires winthree words that he used constantly throughout his fight against Ewing’s sarcoma.

During the four years that she suffered from the disease, she set out to have an active life. Her foray into social networks led her to be an influencer much loved by her followers and celebrities, as they recognized her effort to publicize her diagnosis with the in order to encourage scientific research on the type of cancer that afflicted her.

Huelva always showed hope, with a positive and very confident attitude, even with the situation she was going through. He even generated a collaboration with the Juegaterapia Foundation with which he created a doll to obtain profits that would be donated to the GEIS organization (Spanish Group for Research on Sarcomas), to continue with the research that would lead to finding a cure for Ewing’s sarcoma.

In January 2022, he published his first book titled as his well-known motto: My desires win. No one has promised us a tomorrow, live in the present; In his pages, he narrated from day one that his doctors detected the disease, until the summer of 2021, the date he finished writing it.

Last October the magazine Elle gave him the Hope Awards for their daily struggle and the courage shown against a complicated condition.

What is Ewing’s sarcoma?

The Ewing’s sarcoma It is a rare type of cancer that is generated in the soft tissues near the bones, it usually occurs in children and adolescents.

his first demonstrations They begin in the pelvis or legs, but may appear on the abdomen, chest, or arms, although less frequently.

Between the symptom It causes are tiredness, fever, inflammation, pain and sensitivity in the affected part of the body and weight loss without apparent cause.

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Regarding Causes that trigger this disease are still unknown. The only thing science knows so far is that it starts when a cell develops changes to its DNA.

The changes tell the cell to multiply rapidly and continue to live when healthy cells would normally die. The changes in the dna most often affect a gene called EWSR1.