“My determination finally paid off”: how did Adam Driver become one of Hollywood’s most important actors?

American actor Adam Driver has become one of Hollywood’s most important actors. Very discreet and mysterious, he granted an interview for Audience this May 6, 2022. He looked back on the rise of his crazy career.

Born in November 1983 in San Diego, Adam Driver has not always known the light. Before landing the role of Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, the actor had to hold on to his dreams. Son of a preacher, his parents divorced when he was only 7 years old. The young boy and his sister are forced to move with their mother in a remote little town in Indiana. A very complicated breakup for the boy who begins to do some nonsense… His family relations then become very complicated, Adam Driver finds himself sleeping in his garage and having to contribute to the expenses of the house.

After high school, Adam Driver dreams of becoming an actor but his application to the university of the arts was not accepted. More determined than ever, the young man then announces to his family that he’s going to live in Hollywood to try his luck ! Unfortunately the dream was only short-lived, since without money, Adam Driver is forced to return to his parents.

“I held on”

Not knowing what to do, the young man became Marine in 2002 and left to serve his country in the war in Iraq. “My goal was really to serve my country abroad. I never questioned whether this war was good or bad. I was a soldier and I had to follow orders. I trained for two and a half years to take on this mission, entrusts the actor to our colleagues from Audience. But after a serious injury, Adam Driver leaves the army and tries his luck at university. And this time it’s the right one! Despite the fact that his student conditions are very difficult, the young aspiring actor does not give up: “I held on. If things hadn’t worked out, I was ready to sleep on a bench in Central Park and dig my hands into neighborhood restaurant trash cans for food! My determination paid off” , he says.

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