my grandfather touched me when I was five years old”; Frida Sofía does not forgive Enrique Guzmán … and neither does her mother Alejandra

“Justice is going to take time, divine justice takes time, but it will come,” he says frida sofia, singer’s daughter Alejandra Guzman who last year denounced that his grandfather Enrique Guzman abuse of her when she was 5 years old

frida sofia denounced the pioneer of Mexican rock and roll in the first week of April 2021, when he declared: “He was always very abusive. I start to tremble because I have a lot to say about that. He was a very disgusting man, he always scared me. He did ugly things to me, he groped me, since I was five years old ”

Guzmán responded with an interview on the Ventaneando program in which, with tears, he denied the accusations and swore that he had never groped her.

Nevertheless, frida sofia He insisted on his complaint: “The most disgusting thing of all is that I was little and they tell you that this is what a grandfather does to his granddaughter who loves her. At that age you have no idea, it becomes something normal, ”she recounted.

Now, interviewed for the program ‘El gordo y la flaca’, Sofia Frida He says that he has not ratified the lawsuit against his grandfather because it was a very strong emotional blow to talk about what happened to him at the age of five.

“It cost me so much energy, so much… in the first humiliation because to say what happened to me is not something pretty, they touched me when I was five years old; It sounds strong but I will say it again that pig he touched me when I was five and I will never forget it”.

frida sofia He also referred to the mourning he still feels for the death of his sister Natasha Moctezuma, who died at the age of 24 on September 7. She said that he considers her her guardian angel and that she wears a medal to protect her.

When asked if his mother Alejandra Guzman He called him to offer his condolences, he noted:

“No, never, I think she doesn’t call, she sends her representatives… but I represent myself.”