“My little elephant thong!” : robbed, Stéphane Plaza orphan of an unusual object

In the “Big heads” program on Tuesday January 18, 2022, Stéphane Plaza took stock of what was stolen from him during his burglary and notably mentioned his “little elephant thong”…

Stéphane Plaza can no longer play with his trunk. Tuesday January 18, 2022, in the program “Big heads” broadcast on RTL, the host has indeed explained that he had been stolen from him an unusual object: his little elephant thong. It was the burglars who entered his home on Saturday January 15 who seized his property, even his underwear. “Even my briefs, they took! Even a thong! I had a little elephant thong, which I put on from time to time, well even that, they took it!”, he described live.

Note that the criminals entered Stéphane Plaza by breaking and taking everything on the way. A bit optimistic, the real estate agent tried to find out if his neighbors had seen or heard something, but in vain… “I got hit! Coincidentally, these assholes, they were all asleep at 9 p.m.: ‘We didn’t hear anything’. That’s what they told me, they didn’t hear anything , they were tired…”, he added, angrily.

Stéphane Plaza robbed: “It remains complicated and violent”

If it is actually the property that the former roommate of Karine Le Marchand occupies during the work of his apartment which was robbed, the latter did not hide his “trauma”. “The balls, the balls, the balls. Inevitably, I am sad deep down and I will discover day after day the extent of what I miss. There is more serious, it is only material but it remains complicated and violent as an event. Nobody heard anything obviously”, he had swung in Instagram story just after the facts. It now remains to put everything back on its feet and to play the insurance. But that, he must know about it!


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