“My name is the biggest spoiler in history”: the tiktoker called Clara Puig Piqué and suffers firsthand the siege of Clara Chía | People | Entertainment

She is an ordinary, young, blonde, Spanish girl and has four posts on TikTok, but only one of her videos reached 2.3 million views. The reason? Because her name is Clara Puig Piqué.

The first publication of this “Clara” was in May 2022. However, the tiktoker, given that her followers were growing like foam, decided to publish another video explaining that she is not Clara Chía and has nothing to do with Gerard Piqué.

Apparently, the curiosity of the TikTok users found their account and they immediately related it to the current girlfriend of the former soccer player and father of Shakira’s children.

From that moment on, Clara Piqué became another person who was affected by this story of love and betrayal that became the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué.

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Clara Puig Piqué: the biggest spoiler in history

TikTok users who follow Clara Piqué asked her for proof of the veracity of her name. Since not only is she called Clara, like her girlfriend, and her last name is Piqué, like the unfaithful, but her other last name is Puig, like the other alleged lover of the ex-soccer player.

However, far from getting angry at such a confusion, the young woman chose to take this strange situation she is experiencing with humor. She even jokes in the caption of the post that she casually “clearly splashed me”.

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In her latest publication, Clara Puig Piqué reveals the evidence that this is her real name and shows her identity document.

“When your mother is not a psychic, but she predicted the future,” he says in the publication. Then she assures that her name is the biggest spoiler in history ”.


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