“My sister died of it, 13 years ago”

Anny Duperey, who was separated very early from her little sister Patricia Legras, confided in this terrible tragedy to Public Senate. The 74-year-old actress also sees herself as the “doudou” of the French…

Anny Duperey went through a terrible ordeal as a child, the scars of which she still has today. In November 1955, when she was only 9 years old, her parents died, asphyxiated in their bathroom due to a faulty water heater. The drama is excruciating, but the pain is all the more excruciating as, in the days that follow, the little girl is separated from her sister, who is still a baby at the time. “Each family took one child. My sister was very young then, 5 months, and it was a disaster. I sincerely believe that my sister died of this story 13 years ago.“, confided the actress to Public Senate.

Anny Duperey: what “took away” her sister

She has lived with a heavy heart all his life and it ended up winning“, explained Anny Duperey about her sister Patricia Legrasdied in 2009.”They took my baby away, I who was so happy to have a little sister. (…) I know how hard it is, even irreparable, when you have already experienced the trauma to lose one’s parents. If we don’t have a common childhood, we don’t know each other“, she had already confided to TVMagazine.

Anny Duperey, a “cuddly toy” for the French?

Despite this personal drama, Anny Duperey is delighted to be part of French life through her prolific career on the small and big screen. During confinement, for example, the television channels had rebroadcast several times An elephant cheats a lot, by Yves Robert, in which she plays the role of Charlotte. With Jean Rochefort, we are the comforters of French cinemaas soon as something very unpleasant happens… Paf, we are glued to the small screen“, she rejoiced in front of the cameras of Public Senate.

Proud of her career, Sara Giraudeau’s mother did not dream of being an actress. She had begun her studies by taking courses at the Beaux-Arts in Rouen, before heading to the theater. “I would not say that I became an actress by chance but rather without having dreamed it. It is very practical, because we is not jealousthings come to you and if it doesn’t happen anymore or if it’s less good, we’re not disappointed“, she explained.

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