“My son is not a monster”: the new secrets of Jonathann Daval’s mother

In an interview with BFM-TV, Martine Henry, Jonathann Daval’s mother, confided in her son, who murdered his wife and partially burned her body. She notably revealed that she will never be able to deny him.

It is a news item that has upset the whole of France. On October 28, 2017, a report of the disappearance of a young woman by the name of Alexia Daval at the time, is deposited with the gendarmerie. Jonathann Daval, her husband, actively participates in research. The authorities, relatives and neighbors of the young woman are also trying to track him down.. It was finally two days later that his lifeless body, partially charred, was found. hidden under branches in a forest.

The investigation progresses and quickly implicates the victim’s husband. While he had wept publicly, talking about his pain at the time of the beatings, Jonathann Daval ends up confessing to his murder after several months of denials. Three years later, the 38-year-old man was sentenced to 25 years in prison, with no additional security period. Since then, this sadly unforgettable tragedy has been recounted in a series called The Daval Mystery. The parents of Alexia Fouillot, the victim, also released a book on the case. An initiative shortly followed by that of the mother of Jonathann Daval.

Martine Henry, the mother of Jonathann Daval, releases a book in turn

More than a year after the release of Alexia Fouillot’s parents’ book, it’s Martine Henry, Jonathann Daval’s mother who confides in a new book. “Me, mum of Jonathann”here is the title of the book written by the mother of the murderer where she shares her troubles. “I had to free myself from a weight”she confided to BFM TV.

Although she confesses that she would not have not imagined that his son was capable of such an act, Martine Henry reveals that she will never deny the fruit of her womb. “I’m his mom, he’s my child, you can’t bring children into the world and turn your back on them. I don’t condone what he did. I know I’m the mother of a murderer but my son will remain my son“, she launched, before adding: My son is not a monster, but he did something wrong“. A confidence that promises to make a lot of noise.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/mon-fils-nest-pas-un-monstre-les-nouvelles-confidences-de-la-mere-de-jonathann-daval-746585