“My strength and my weakness”: Karim Benzema publishes the first snapshot of his three children together

Karim Benzema shared a very touching snapshot of him accompanied by his three children.

If he is very discreet about his private life, Karim Benzema decided to bend the rule. Indeed, the football player has decided to reveal a magnificent shot of him and his children, walking. In legend, the Ballon d’Or writes a tender declaration of love to Mélia, Ibrahim and Nouri: “My strength and my weakness at the same time, an unconditional love”. A magnificent message of love for the one who had confided in the subject of his three children for the media HQ. “When you have children, what changes is that you are responsible for them and you have to show them the example. It’s true that I’m a little more mature, but no, I wouldn’t say that having had children has changed me so much.”

Doting father, Karim Benzema likes to share his advice with his toddlers. “When I train with my son Ibrahim, who is quite talented, I take it very seriously, and if he doesn’t listen to me, I’m a little hard on him. Because when we train, for him I am no longer ‘Dad'”, he told the monthly. “And that makes me laugh, because my own father had the same attitude towards me.” Very close to his daughter and his two boys, he does not hesitate for a second to please them: “I learned everything on my own, and yes, I think I have style. Afterwards, even though I love denim, my eight-year-old daughter prefers that I pick her up from school in a costume, so I put one on to make him happy.

Karim Benzema, very close to his children

So even if he has a busy schedule, Karim Benzema likes to spend time with his children and even makes it a priority. “I can spend a whole afternoon watching cartoons with them or going trampoline or tobogganing, he explains. It doesn’t matter, the important thing is to be with them. These simple things are in fact exceptional. Like picking up my daughter Mélia from school”.

Source- https://www.closermag.fr/people/ma-force-et-ma-faiblesse-karim-benzema-publie-le-premier-cliche-de-ses-trois-enfants-reunis-1680560