Nabilla and Thomas Vergara in danger: their decision to save their couple

By Carla Biancarelli

– Published on 06 Jan 2023 at 13:30

This Friday, January 6, 2023, our colleagues from Public said that there would be water in the gas between Nabilla and Thomas Vergara…

Nabilla has come a long way since her debut in Love is blind then the reality tv angels. It is also on the set of NRJ12 that she met her husband today, Thomas Vergara. It was January 13, 2013. For ten years (this year) the couple have been living happy days in their luxurious villa in Dubai. Together they had two children, Milann 3 years old and Leyann, 7 months old. If the dad preferred a more discreet life, away from the spotlight, after Secret Story and Angels, his wife, she pursues a media career. From now on, the influencer is a host of reality shows after having chained them. This Friday, January 6, 2023, the Prime Video platform is launching Cosmic Love, an astrology-based dating program. With Nabilla at the controls, who made it promotion in recent days in Paris.

The journey of Nabilla and Thomas to rekindle the flame

The goal is simple: to help singles find love based on the stars. And the one who would like to co-host the star Academy with Nikos Aliagas, also lent herself to the game with her husband. Unfortunately, the mother of two discovered that her horoscope was not compatible with that of Thomas. “Basically, we weren’t very compatible, except that, compared to our ancestors, it turns out that we are compatible. He supports me (…) it’s a bit of rock that pushes me upwards and our ascendants are two horned beasts so sometimes it sparks a bit”she confided in It’s up to you. But could the astrological signs be right for the couple? This Friday, the magazine Public said that there would be water in the gas between the young parents. A few days earlier, the star of social networks revealed that she was going on a trip for three days, a surprise organized by her husband.

Nabilla’s Instagram

Indeed, Thomas and Nabilla have offered themselves a stay in Saint-Barthélemy for the New Year. A way to rekindle the flame, far from children, work and everyday life. But according to our colleagues, the holidays would not have been as happy as promised. “Influencers were significantly less tactile. Watching them talk, they even seemed a little tense“, asserted Audience. However, on the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the young woman confided how much her husband was “his rock”, its mainstay and how complementary they were. She also did not forget to recall that they were about to celebrate their 10 years of living together.