Nabilla Benattia (Cosmic Love): this little quirk imposed to protect her heels during filming

Cosmic Love lands on Amazon Prime this January 6. A program presented by Nabilla Benattia, whose filming was followed by our colleagues from Parisian. As a true star, the young mother imposed a condition to protect her shoes!

As a figurehead of reality TV, it was obvious to Nabilla Benattia to go from candidate to presenter! From this Friday, January 6, 2023, the show Cosmic Love lands on Amazon Prime. A new format based on love compatibility using astrological signs. Twelve singles, each representing a sign of the zodiac, will try to find love among four women representing an element of astrology (air, water, earth and fire). A project of which the mother of Milann and Leyann is particularly proud.

It takes me back ten years, it’s weird. I know what the candidates felt, I was able to put myself in their shoes, understand their fears, their anxieties. Some had to make difficult choices. I knew what to tell them to revive them, guess what they might be thinking“, told wife of Thomas Vergara near 20 minutes. claiming to bekinda big sister” of the candidates, Nabilla explained that the filming of Cosmic Love however, very nearly did not take place.

Nabilla Benattia had a little whim during filming

Indeed, it took place at the end of June on the island of Gozo, Malta. And the young mother had just given birth to Leyann a few days earlier. “I admit, it was hot : I was afraid that I would not be able to do it so soon after giving birth. Fortunately, Thomas is there!”confided Nabilla Benattia to the Parisian, media present during the shooting. And precisely, so that the filming can take place, the young mother has ensured that the heat does not come to play tricks on them.

You didn’t ask for an umbrella assistant?”, she had fun asking, as reported by our colleagues. But that’s not all ! The intro had to be shot four times, because the starlet made a little whim. “She asked if it was possible to have a plank of wood to prevent her heels from sinking in too much”, reveals The Parisian. A scene that was ultimately “cut during editing”! All that for this.