Nabilla confused with her brother over money? Camellia swings!

This misadventure which happened to Camélia Benattia is the formal proof of the fact that the celebrity has many hazards. A simple rumor circulating on social networks was enough for his notoriety in the celebrity milieu to be forever marred. Remember, Nabilla and her brother Tarek had been visibly cold for quite a while. The reason for their disagreement being in the eyes of some related to money. The latter allegedly borrowed 40,000 euros from his sister and struggled to repay them. What motivate all the controversy that now revolves around this case.

Camellia tries to restore the truth

Having felt insulted by this fan who thought she knew more about it than she did, Camélia Benattia could not help but try to restore the truth. She thus declared that she owed no money to anyone. A very clear answer that should help calm this huge controversy that grows day by day around Nabilla and her brother. The fact that the starlet has yet to come forward to deliver her side of the story must also have some bearing on what people think.

The only way for Nabilla fans not to think that her brother Tarek owes her money is to publicly deny the matter. What she does not seem to want to do at the moment. So many reasons for us to believe that there is rock eel.