Nabilla: Fabrice Sopoglian (Les Anges) makes astonishing revelations about his sons!

Having given birth to her second child was undoubtedly one of the moments that Nabilla enjoyed the most in her life. The young mother who waited as long as possible before announcing the happy news to her fans. Thomas Vergara’s sweetheart was indeed six months pregnant when she said she was expecting her second child. Fortunately, she was able to catch up by giving them since her daily news on social networks. She even went so far as to tell them all the pain she experienced during her first three months of pregnancy.

Doubt is always allowed

Nabilla fans certainly remember Fabrice Sopoglian. The latter who was the godfather of the Angels 5. This show was the one that allowed the starlet to meet Thomas Vergara. As much to tell you how much this character means to her. He has just posted an enigmatic message on Twitter asking the mother of Milann and Leyann the identity of the godfather of his two sons. He also took care to add hearts to his message. What suggest that this person could well be him.

Nabilla and Thomas Vergara have so far not yet revealed the identity of the godfather or godmother of Milann and Leyann. Fabrice Sopoglian could therefore be this person. Doubt is in any case allowed.