Nabilla full of gratitude: her tender declaration to Jean-Paul Gaultier on the set of C à Vous

On the set of C to you this Wednesday, January 4, Nabilla made a beautiful statement to Jean-Paul Gaultier. About ten years ago, the star stylist changed the life of the young woman.

It’s a meeting she can never forget. Master of provocativeness and avant-garde outfits, Jean-Paul Gaultier changed Nabilla’s life. While she was still the starlet of reality TV headlining the Angels, the young woman was chosen by the couturier to parade during Paris Fashion Week. For his Haute Couture fall-winter 2013-2014 show, Jean-Paul Gaultier had transformed her into a dark witch with a sumptuous sculpted dress. Highly criticized at the time, the designer has always fully assumed his choice. And he was right, because since then Nabilla’s life has been completely turned upside down. “For me, it’s one of the best encounters I’ve had in my career,” has also summarized the wife of Thomas Vergara on the set of C to you this Wednesday, January 4.

“He gave me my chance when no one believed in me. It allowed me to make a name for myself and to be respected, no offense to some who were quite condescending with me, added the mother of Milann and Leyann. Jean-Paul has a big heart. He is a person who gives anyone a chance. He doesn’t look at where you come from… he looks at what you are. He’s someone who helped me a lot..” Despite the derogatory comments aimed at Nabilla and the harsh criticism he suffered, Jean-Paul Gaultier does not regret his choice for a single second. “I thought she was really pretty. Exotic brunette beauty I adore. In addition, I realized that she was tall, that she was quite amusing and that she represented enough of today’s talk. With some pretty funny expressions, like his ‘hello'”he explained on France 2.

Jean-Paul Gaultier: Nabilla? “I don’t find her vulgar at all”

But this decision had made people cringe… “I was criticized a lot, even within my own house. There were many people, especially women, I’m sorry to say that, who criticized her, who found her vulgar. I don’t find her not vulgar at all”added Jean-Paul Gaultier on the set of We are not lying, in 2014. On July 6, 2021, it is logically this big name in fashion that Nabilla had trusted for the happiest day of her life. At the Château de Chantilly to marry Thomas Vergara, the young woman had donned a tailor-made creation by Jean-Paul Gaultier: an asymmetrical draped bustier dress, adorned with a long feathered train.