Nabilla: Her Christmas decorations are not unanimous, internet users see red!

By Grandma Yves Ratsimbazafy

– Modified 26 Dec 2022 at 10:38

Always so close to the members of her community, Nabilla shared with them fabulous images of her Christmas decorations. What was not really unanimous as evidenced by some comments received by the starlet.

This year 2022 is particularly complicated for many French people. In addition to the ever-increasing inflation rate, an energy crisis has also erupted. Forcing Enedis to cut electricity in certain sectors. You can then imagine the frustration of Internet users when they discover this publication by Nabilla. Milann’s mother has indeed decided to reveal the Christmas decorations that she has chosen for her house. Several light garlands which earned him many negative comments. It’s sort of as if she was holding out the stick to get beat up and her detractors didn’t hold back. ” Energy sobriety? As usual, the humble and those living in poverty have to suffer. And you rich people act like nothing happened. what mentality one of them exclaimed. Another recalls: Ah, is that why we actually have to put the heating at 19 degrees in France? “.

Nabilla strongly criticized for his non-respect of the environmental cause

Nabilla has not yet reacted to this wave of criticism she has received. The pretty brunette must indeed be used to all these negative comments she receives. There was a time when these gossip from her detractors touched her, but today, that era is long gone. The starlet who prefers to focus on the positive for this coming year 2023. For some, the fact of residing in Dubai does not give the young woman the right to waste energy in this way. A resource that has become precious at the start of this winter with the electricity company’s repeated load shedding.

It is clear that Internet users were in some way expecting the example to come from above. With 7 million subscribers, Nabilla is indeed a true example for her fans. It should therefore, according to them, show some respect for the environmental cause. Yes, this energy crisis does not only concern France. This is a global problem and these comments should remind him of that. We are already waiting impatiently for his reaction to all these criticisms.