Nabilla: Her latest look does not appeal to subscribers at all!

By Romain Charpentier

– Modified Dec 23, 2022 at 11:31 am

Nabilla cannot please every time! As the comments show, his subscribers do not validate his latest look!

Nabilla is the most followed French influencer on her social networks. Indeed, the young woman has more than 8 million subscribers on her Instagram account. Which puts her far ahead of her comrades! However, his notoriety does not only bring him positive! Indeed, every day the actions of the former reality TV candidate are commented on the web. Moreover, a few days ago, Nabilla received many negative comments on her Christmas decoration. We could read on his social networks, the following comments: Meanwhile, we in France have to heat our homes to 19*. And do not decorate at the risk of getting fined! Ah, they are beautiful your influencers who don’t give a damn about your misfortune. That you love so much and to whom you gave everything », Everything in disproportion! It’s sure, under 40 degrees with the air conditioning on full blast, it must have its charm… “.

Nabilla: Internet users don’t like her style!

The W9 channel has just bought the Amazon Prime show, Love Island. Remember, it’s Nabilla who presented this program on the famous platform. However, according to many rumors, Nab will not be the next W9 presenter. Indeed, she would have signed an exclusive contract with Amazon! Very present on her social networks, Nabilla publishes content for her fans every day. However, it seems that her latest look is not unanimous on the web!

nabilla’s instagram

In the photos published above, Nabilla presents us with the latest oversized look. The comments under the post are not very positive: “ I don’t like it at all”, “That’s fashion!!! But hey if it can make you happy!!! And I think the price must be beautiful but not the rendering !!! » or “I adore her but now she has to return Thomas’s clothes ! Even though we love her look, the last comment made us laugh a lot. And you, do you approve?