Nabilla: her son Milann injured in the forehead, she shares her misadventure

Deep concern among the Vergara. This Thursday, May 5, Nabilla filmed herself with her son Milann, who had a bad wound on his forehead. A misadventure told by the young mother.

Only a few more weeks until Nabilla and Thomas do not become parents for the second time. A baby whose sex will remain a mystery for the couple until birth! This does not prevent Internet users from giving their opinion on each of Nabilla’s appearances. Not enough to convince the starlet to discover the pot of roses before D-Day, even if she has her own idea on the matter. While waiting to find out if she is carrying a little boy or a little girl, Nabilla takes care of her big boy, Milann. A little guy of almost three years, who is the pride of his parents.

Raised in Dubai, Milann is enrolled in a crèche where he learns the basics of English while perfecting his French. A few days ago, the wife of Thomas Vergara received a phone call from those in charge of the crèche, telling her that the little boy is very advanced in age. “It’s been several months that they think that Milann must pass in the class above. There was a council and Milann is very advanced for his age. So they will make him pass two higher classes in the nursery with the older onesso I was very, very, proud“, announced the young mother, to the angels.

Milann threw himself on a guitar!

Despite his intelligence, Milann remains a little boy. And like all children, something stupid happened quickly. This Thursday, May 5 on Snapchat, the influencer explained that her son hurt his forehead. Supporting video, Internet users were able to discover Milann with an ugly crust on the top of his face. But what could have happened? Eager to give their boy a varied education, Nabilla and Thomas offered a music lesson to the future big brother yesterday. “He had a little music lesson at home to make him happy, and he threw himself on the guitar. Mom she is not happy”, lamented the starlet. Patatras for Milann, who therefore took the guitar right in the face. Milann, future rock star?

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