Nabilla: Her two-month-old son already spoiled rotten? She gets tackled on Instagram!

The most famous of influencers, Nabilla, does not see her popularity rating drop. Always so adored by her fans, the young woman undertakes more and more projects. What a great development! Now a mother of two children, Nabilla says she has another vision of life, and especially of her body. After the birth of her second son Leyann, the star said: ” I’m not in such a hurry unlike my first pregnancy. I take my time, I feel good and maybe I won’t have my old body completely like before but I don’t care! I love my little stretch marks, I love my cellulite and I’m proud to have given life to two beautiful boys who fill me with happiness! » . A speech very appreciated by Internet users, but Nabilla is however clashed on her behavior with her children… We tell you everything.

Nabilla and the child King?

Nabilla has always had a lot of dreams… Today famous all over the world, rich, business manager… Only one thing was missing for the happiness of the young woman: to build a family. And it is with Thomas Vergara that the star realized his dream. Mom of two sublime boys, Nabilla could not wish for a better life. If her fans are very happy for her and support her in everything she does, other Internet users are attacking the star… Accused of spoiling her children too much, Nabilla is tackled on the web.

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On Instagram, Nabilla post a photo for the two months of his son Leyann. For the occasion the baby had a huge cake. Disproportionate as a party at only two months old? The comments fuse: A huge cake for two months, what’s it gonna be when it’s a year“, “ At 3 months is it a car?“, “ A cake for each month?“, “ And you have to bake a cake for that? He’s only two months old, pathetic » . Ouch! The star has yet to react to the remarks…Stay tuned.