Nabilla mother filled: what she did with Leyann that she could not do with Milann

Nabilla is more fulfilled than ever since the birth of her second child, Leyann. On Snapchat, the influencer told her subscribers to have offered a little pleasure with her son. A gift that she had not been able to make at the birth of Milann.

2022, the year of all happiness for Nabilla Benattia. After a pregnancy punctuated by many trips to and from the hospital because of her deficiencies, the influencer arrived in Paris a few weeks ago to give birth to her second child. A cesarean planned from the start, because the wife of Thomas Vergara had had some difficulties during the birth of Milann in 2019. So, for the birth of her second baby, Tarek’s sister did not want to take the slightest risk. And everything went as planned, since the baby was born by caesarean section on June 5, in Paris. A moment that the couple was looking forward to, since it was an opportunity for Nabilla and Thomas to finally find out the sex of their baby.

And it’s a little boy, to the delight of Milann. A little boy named Leyann, who met his family. Internet users were able to revel in the pictures of Nabilla, her grandmother Livia and the little baby. But it will have taken time before the young mother speaks publicly about the birth of her second son. “​​I’m a little overwhelmed, tired… There are lots of things. I haven’t talked too much lately. I really benefited. Those were moments… I don’t have the words. I didn’t think I would live them one day so much it was very beautiful”, she confided a few days after giving birth.

Nabilla, completely gaga for Leyann

And now that the birth is over and everything is fine for Leyann, the little boy and the mother were finally able to leave the maternity ward to go to their apartment in Paris. Nabilla and Thomas are now acclimating to this life of four and can obviously count on the help of their loved ones on a daily basis. Moreover, Marie-Luce’s daughter wanted to treat herself to a little pleasure for the birth of her second child: a photoshoot!

On Snapchat, the young mother explained that she had not been able to do it for the birth of Milann and that it was very close to her heart. “I couldn’t do it for his brother so I really wanted to do it. I took little pictures of babies, when they were born and they were too beautiful and they were sleeping. Which suits us a lot. He took some great pictures”, exclaimed the young mother, more gaga than ever for her little Leyann.