Nabilla: Only 10 weeks left before her delivery, she can’t take it anymore!

For several days, many rumors have been circulating on the web! Indeed, it would seem that the famous former reality TV candidate Nabilla is part of the next cast of the show Dance with the stars ! Moreover, for the pretty brunette to agree to participate in the program, the production of TF1 would have paid 1 million euros for the young mother. In addition, Nabilla would have demanded that her family be housed in a luxurious hotel during filming, and that dance rehearsals take place in Dubai, where she now lives! To date, neither TF1 nor Nabilla have confirmed this rumor! At Nextplz we follow the case very closely to keep you informed! Recently Nabilla explained on her social networks that she had made the decision to give birth by cesarean section. Indeed, for her son Milann this is what she had already done! It is for this reason that Nabilla already knows the date of her delivery. This will take place at the beginning of June!

Nabilla: She’s counting the days until she gives birth!

For a few days, the pretty Nabilla complains about the side effects of her pregnancy. Indeed, the young mother of little Milann is tired and suffers from acidity and nausea! Fortunately, the famous influencer can count on the support of her husband Thomas and that of her fans!

In a video posted a few hours ago on his social networks, Thomas’s wife says: ” I have 10 weeks left…I’m too impatient…I’m on the verge of making little lines on the wall and crossing them out each time…there are fewer surprises…the pregnancy is longer…there I know … time passes more slowly … we’re just waiting for one thing, it’s the baby … they told me you’re right to complain … it feels good ! “Courage Nabilla!