Nabilla pregnant and about to crack: Her pregnancy ailments make her suffer too much!

A dream is about to come true for Nabilla. The darling of Thomas Vergara is indeed preparing to give birth to her second child. If she had not yet revealed the sex of her future baby, she does not miss a single opportunity to reveal the details of her daily life on social networks. This is how we learned that the baby bump of the pretty brunette was becoming more and more cumbersome as the term approached. She couldn’t even climb the stairs so much she thought she was drained of all her energy.

Nabilla says she is exhausted

As a reminder, there are still six weeks before the expected date for the delivery of Nabilla arrives. In the meantime, she will therefore have to deal with back pain and fatigue caused by her pregnancy. If she had confided in how much she had had enough, she can still thank heaven for being able to count on the unconditional support of Thomas Vergara. The latter is indeed very caring for his darling. This, in order to ensure that it moves as little as possible.

The most trying in this complicated end of pregnancy would be, according to Nabilla, the fact that her baby kicks her all night long. So much so that she lost sleep over it. In the morning, the young woman therefore feels like a wreck, she was so sleep deprived.