Nabilla pregnant: this vast real estate project with Thomas Vergara, of which she reveals the first stone

Nabilla Benattia announced a major project to its subscribers this Tuesday, April 26. The young woman and her husband have embarked on the construction of a house.

Nabilla is a former reality TV candidate very popular with the public. Close to her subscribers, she shares her daily life with them and does not hesitate to chain confidences. Married to Thomas Vergara, met during the filming of a reality show, the couple have been making perfect love for several years. Both welcomed their first child on October 11, 2019. It is a little boy named Milann. While she is expecting a second baby, the young woman unveiled a project to her subscribers this Tuesday, April 26. In her Instagram story, she posted several videos of a house under construction. On one of them, we can see Thomas Vergara carrying a breeze block. New real estate project. Proud of us”, she wrote in the caption before specifying: “See you in seven months“. Only a few more months before the family can move in.

It was last February that Nabilla Benattia announced her second pregnancy to her subscribers. “We kept this little secret for a long time in order to take full advantage of our family happiness, but today it’s time to share our happiness with you. My belly is getting bigger day by day., she had first written in the caption of a publication on which we could see her in the company of her husband, their son and an ultrasound. We are happy to announce that we are expecting our second child.“, she added. Since then, the young woman has been confiding in confidence about her and in particular the fact that she is having some problems, forcing her to go to the hospital regularly. “I have to do tests and undergo vitamin injections. I have everything that is very low, so once a week I have to go and pack vitamins for the baby and for me”, had she revealed to her subscribers. Important appointments for his health and that of the baby.

Nabilla Benattia: why does she want to give birth in France?

Regularly questioned by its subscribers, Nabilla Benattia is very transparent. The young woman had revealed her intention to give birth in France and, faced with the curiosity of Internet users, she had provided details. “I’ll be honest, that’s also why I go to Paris, that’s it, my grandmother, she can come and see meshe will be able to stay for weeks and weeks with me, well the maximum in any case”, she had first explained. The same for his parents. “He is in Geneva so he takes the train. My mother too, who is between Dubai and Geneva”, she continued before adding: These people are so important to me and it’s complicated to bring them to Dubai.”


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