Nabilla pregnant: why she decided to give birth in France

This Saturday, April 23, Nabilla announced on Snapchat that she would soon be leaving Dubai for Paris. Eight months pregnant, the influencer said she wanted to give birth in France rather than the United Arab Emirates, and explained why.

The term is fast approaching! Last February, Nabilla announced that she was expecting her second childfruit of her love with Thomas Vergara. “My belly is getting bigger every day”, she wrote on Instagram. Since then, the young woman never hesitates to post pictures of the evolution of her pregnancy on social networks. And the mother of Milann, two years old, is now entering the home stretch. Her childbirth is indeed scheduled for early June. A moment that Nabilla awaits with great impatience. I haven’t slept all night. I did not stop moving. I do not sleep anymore”she said on her Snapchat account this Saturday, April 23, before adding: I can’t wait for the family to be complete, for the four of us to be, to love each other and to spend time together.” And to celebrate this happy event, the family has planned to fly to France.

Shortly after the birth of Milann, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara left to live in the United Arab Emirates, a country where they feel safer to raise their child. But for her next delivery, the young woman and her family should return to France. Her gynecologists have already assured her that, despite being eight months pregnant, she will not give birth prematurely. “I will go through with the pregnancy. I keep babies warm. That’s why they allow me to travel. My collar is concrete”she confided, before confirming that they are going to Paris “in not too long”.

Childbirth in France for family reasons

But why do they want to return to France? Nabilla did not mention the French health system, which is more advantageous than in Dubai, but assured that she wanted to have her family by her side for the birth of her second child. “I’ll be honest, that’s also why I’m going to Paris, that’s it, my grandmother, she can come see me, she will be able to stay weeks and weeks with me, finally the maximum in any case”recognized the future mother, specifying that her parents should also be present: “There is also my dad who will come, he is in Geneva so he takes the train. My mom too, who is between Dubai and Geneva. These people are so important to me and it’s complicated to bring them to Dubai.


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