Nabilla: Pregnant with a little girl? She makes revelations!

Betrayed by her brother Tarek, Nabilla tackles him after months of silence! Not one to let things go, the young woman wants to be transparent with her subscribers. As she announces her second pregnancy, she confides, in tears: “I tell myself that it will be fine, but I am still really scared. It’s something I’ve hidden a lot, because I’m ashamed to say I’m scared. The truth is, I’m too scared. I don’t know how I’m going to do it”, “I am turning into a mother of two children. It was not planned and in my head, I feel like I’m still a child. I try to be an adult, but in real life I am not at all. I have a big child side in me that hasn’t left yet and so I’m freaking out. ». Fears of completely normal but often hidden mothers-to-be so as not to be criticized…

Nabilla took more than 16 kg

The ex-candidate also admits that the beginning of pregnancy was by far happiness, for her: “ We have a hormonal upheaval, pimples, fatigue, early morning vomiting. Sometimes I woke up at 4 or 5 in the morning to throw up. Once, I even vomited on myself, what a horror”, “I don’t want to go see a shrink, I know it will happen naturally. I think I’m afraid of responsibilities. “. Fortunately, the pretty influencer can count on the unfailing support of her darling, Thomas Vergara. Nabilla has taken more than 16 kg since the start of her pregnancy. One more reason that worries the young lady… But unconsciously, the young woman brings a breath of fresh air with her naturalness. Which could help future moms!

Nabilla: Pregnant with a little girl?  She makes revelations!
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She tells with humor how the baby reacts in her womb: “ I sit on the left, he doesn’t like it. It hits a little. I turn around, it’s not okay. In addition, it presses me on the uterus or the bladder. The wall down… He or she has turned around, so it’s giving me headaches. “. Finding this pregnancy very different from that of Milann, the beautiful suspects to wait… A girl! If the final answer will be given at the birth of the baby, the young woman is a little more apprehensive if it is a girl! She confides: Because it’s different. I feel like it’s a girl. She’s going to make me miserable. “. Courage Nabilla!