Nabilla: Why her mother Marie-Luce died of worry as she approached childbirth

As you probably know, a few months ago, when no one expected it, Nabilla and her husband Thomas announced the imminent arrival of their second child. Indeed, nearly three years after the birth of their eldest Milann, the two stars will welcome another child. And besides, they want to know the sex only at childbirth. So you can imagine their impatience… Also that of their millions of fans! But today, as her delivery is approaching and she is passing through Paris, Nabilla quickly confided in her Snapchat subscribers this morning…

Nabilla: Her mother Marie-Luce is worried about Milann

In particular about the concerns of his mother Marie-Luce, in the face of her delivery which is fast approaching! She told her followers on the yellow and white logo network: “Yesterday my mother cried. Say why did you cry? » To which the well-known Marie-Luce replied: “I am thinking of Milann who is going to welcome his little brother…” Then Nabilla outbid: “She thinks that Milann is going to be too sad and everything, that he’s not going to accept. But don’t worry… In addition she cried suddenly she made me cry. I was there, but ‘why are you doing this?’ (…)”

She concluded by laughing at the situation and talking about her next trip, most certainly the last before the birth of the long-awaited baby 2: “And tomorrow we’re going somewhere.” Well, this will be my last trip before D-Day, let’s say. Alright, it’s a trip that’s not super long…” But then, where are Nabilla, Thomas and the whole little family going to spend this stay? We can’t wait to find out in the next few hours! What do you think ? The story of the brunette bombshell Nabilla is available in the player above.