Nacho Mendoza would not have made a donation at the benefit concert for Chyno Miranda | Famous

The benefit concert for Chyno Miranda that took place on June 8 was very well received and a significant sum was raised. This amount will be used for the treatment that the singer had to undergo to continue recovering from the serious consequences that remained after contracting covid-19.

Days before the appointment, he stated that it was impossible for him to appear due to work commitments.

“I will not be able to be there because before the idea of ​​carrying out this concert was formulated, I had already signed an important contract with a television station in Colombia to be part of a reality show,” he explained to El Gordo and La Flaca.

However, an “unofficial version” recently emerged in which it was claimed that it was only an alleged excuse that he gave to the media.

The alleged reason why Nacho did not attend the concert

On Saturday, June 11, the journalist for the Hispanic newspaper La Opinion, Mandy Fridman, asserted that Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, better known as Nacho, “did not want to attend the concert.”

He pointed out that he refused despite the fact that the organizers had offered him support to transfer him from Colombia to Miami, the city where the event was held, only for a few hours, in order not to affect his schedule.

“The unofficial version, based on an investigation with several witnesses, shows that this would not be true (that he could not go due to previously acquired commitments), that he did not really want to go to the concert,” Mandy Fridmann’s article reads.

In addition, the journalist announced that Nacho would not have cooperated financially with the cause. Her sources informed her that not a single dollar from him went to Chyno’s account.

“Nor would he have made any type of donation, despite the fact that Miranda’s bank account had been shared with him so that he could make his contribution without intermediaries,” he said in the publication of La Opinion.

In this way, Nacho Mendoza would only have helped the singer to spread the event named “We are all Chyno” through his social networks.

It is worth mentioning that although he would not have wanted to appear physically, he did participate in a video in which important artists of the scene such as J Balvin, Diego Torres, Beto Cuevas, Obbie Bermúdez, Ricky Montaner and Sebastián Yatra reiterated their support for him.

Contrary to Jesús ‘Chyno’ Miranda’s ex-partner, artists such as Servando and Florentino, Víctor Muñoz, Mermelada Bunch, San Luis, Daniel Sarcos and Nelson Bustamante, offered a lively show in Miami that, according to Fridmann, Chyno would be watching from downtown rehabilitation in which it has been since December 2021.

It transpired that more than 60 thousand dollars (approximately one million pesos) were raised at the concert, an amount that has not been confirmed.

According to Mandy Fridmann, the treatment of the singer initially diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy is costing him $7,000 a month, sometimes varying in a higher amount.

So far it is known that it has been his friend and former manager, Ray, who has been in charge of the expenses for at least six months, as mentioned by the organizers of the benefit event, Jefferson Cárdenas, Richard Acosta and Nangel Menes to Marko in his program ‘La Nave’ on Youtube.

According to Mandy Fridmann, also “unofficially” he was able to “find out” that the singer has not been aware of his colleague’s health as he has made known to the press and the public.

Nacho has informed about Chyno’s health

Just on June 2, Nacho informed TVyNovelas about Chyno’s state of health: “Chyno has the will to improve and that will make him get better soon.”

Even the interpreter of ‘La Buena’ pointed out that he has kept in touch with both Miranda and his family.

“I have been in contact with him and his family, they are very hopeful, as are all his friends, that he will recover and be well,” he said.

It must be remembered that the last time they were seen together publicly was at Premio Juventud 2021, when Chyno appeared on stage in the middle of his recovery process accompanied by Nacho.