Nacho’s alleged infidelity is part of a “social experiment” created by him and his partner

Nacho and his partner Melany Mille came out in front of the rumors of their alleged separation due to infidelity of the singer and they clarified that everything was a social experiment to expose the quality of the human being.

The couple published a statement on their Instagram account where in 10 minutes they clarified point by point each part of the “experiment” and the campaign to launch his song “Perro mujeriego”.

In the clip they showed several covers announcing the alleged breakup and harmful comments against both rejoicing at the singer’s alleged deception.

Nacho Melany Mill explained that all this was created on purpose to show the world that Much of what you read online is a lie.

A few days ago, her followers noticed unusual activity on the social networks of the model Melany Mille, who stopped following her daughter’s father on Instagram and in addition to that, deleted some of the most recent photographs in which he appeared at his side. As a result of this, they began to receive messages attacking them.

“A good percentage of what is seen on the networks is fabricated and that everyone creates their fantasy and their level of falsehood. Do you think you have the ability to distinguish between what is real and what is manipulated?” Melany said.