Nadia breaks down in tears when talking about the hatred she received after participating in MasterChef

Nadia López conquered the audience of TV Azteca since her time at La Academia, however, no one expected that during her participation in MasterChef Celebrity she would become one of the most criticized participants, even by her peers.

And it is that the former academic received criticism because she first requested a leave of absence since she had an agreed show, later she tested positive for Covid, and then she had to take care of her mother, who became seriously ill when she contracted the virus. She was later expelled from it, however, she had returned to reality, which her classmates did not like, who even created a kind of campaign to expel her from it.

In this regard, Nadia was questioned during her speech on a TV Azteca Digital podcast where she burst into tears considering that she did not deserve the hate she received both in reality and on social networks; In addition, she was questioned about the statements of Alejandra Toussaint, who commented that she had felt uncomfortable when Nadia’s mother began to pray for her and mentioned that she was going down the wrong path.

“I did not see that live, but Toussaint just spoke to me on Sunday and told me, forgive me for having spoken about you, I regret it very much, excuse me”, Nadia said.

Subsequently, Nadia opened her heart, and through tears she confessed that she has had very hard weeks due to the attacks she has been the victim of.

“Frankly, I have had to live all this and it has been very difficult, because you have known me for 20 years and my treatment has always been very respectful with all people, and it has been kind. Even affectionate with many, because I have been a person who really loves people and I just went to do what I am in MasterChef”, sentenced.