Nadia Ferreira defends her love with Marc Anthony and thus thanks those who defend her

The age difference has been the subject of strong criticism for celebrities who confirmed their relationship on social networks a few days ago, after the singer’s concert in Los Angeles.

Beauty queen Nadia Ferreira celebrates the comments of those who wish her happiness amid an avalanche of harsh criticism that she has been soft on after her relationship with Marc Anthony became official.

A few days ago, after their concert in Los Angeles, both published different moments on social networks of how much fun they had together, the famous singer, 53, published a photograph in which they appear very romantic.

“May God multiply everything you wish us,” published the “golden skinny” along with the postcard that has more than 683,000 hearts and thousands of comments.

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Illustrative and non-commercial image.

“Unforgettable concert ♥️ Shoshi loves you”, posted by Miss Paraguay who represented her country in the Miss Universe 2021 pageant and took the title of first runner-up.

Nadia has thanked her friend Alex Aspi, host of the La Mesa Caliente program, with an emogi of hearts.

Aspi was answering a question and answer session on social networks when someone asked: “What do you think that Nadia is in love?”

His response was direct: “What a father! There is nothing more beautiful than being in love and she knows that she wishes her all the love in the world, ”she said and published a photograph that captures the affection she has for Ferreira.

Anthony’s partner did not hesitate to share Aspi’s status in their stories and reacted with three red hearts.