Nadine Morano drops a bomb: she did not vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round…

On RTL, this Tuesday, April 26, Nadine Morano revealed that she preferred to vote white in the second round of the presidential election than to help Emmanuel Macron to be re-elected.

Invited to the microphone of RTLthis Tuesday, April 26, Nadine Morano referred to the second round of the presidential election, during which she did not vote for Emmanuel Macron. Indeed, the MEP and former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy explained that she had preferred to vote white rather than contributing to the re-election of the head of state. With our colleagues, the female politician gave the reasons why she made this choice.

“I had given him this credit to say that he was a new president, and that, perhaps, he was really going to achieve what he called ‘the new world'”, she said, returning to the year 2017, during which she blocked Marine Le Pen by putting the paper containing the name of Emmanuel Macron in the ballot box. Five years later, Nadine Morano was disillusioned. “In fact, he absolutely did not do what he said. He stayed with the old methods of poaching”, she said, cash, before criticizing the various things put in place by the President of the Republic: “His migration and security policy is a disaster, his economic policy too, his foreign policy, there would also be a lot to say about it…”

Double-edged congratulations

Categorically, Nadine Morano did not wish to support Emmanuel Macron, after being disappointed by his government: “I wanted to be clear with myself.” Not ready to make concessions, the former Secretary of State for the Family and Solidarity specified that she “did not want to endorse a new mandate from someone that[elle] fought for five years and that[elle] doesn’t feel up to it for France”. On her Twitter account, after the re-election of the President, she reacted, congratulating him, while “noting that he is once again facing Marine Le Pen, proof that the country is not better”. “I remember what he wrote in 2017”, she added, reporting Emmanuel Macron’s tweet, in which he indicated that “if the FN is in the second round, it is because there are no results”.

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