Nagui (Don’t forget the lyrics) moved by Cynthia’s poignant project in the event of victory

This Tuesday, June 21, Cynthia, the current maestro of the show touched Nagui. In particular, she explained what she wanted to do with her winnings. A very moving sequence. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Nagui surprised by the gesture of this candidate

In Do not forget the lyrics, Nagui does not hesitate to tease the candidates. But sometimes, it is not uncommon to see the latter, reserve beautiful surprises. This was the case a few days ago. Indeed, Cynthia, the current maestro of the show made a confidence that touched Nagui a lot. In the event of a big win, the mother of the family confided that she had a project: “ I had a very big depression after the birth of my daughter, a postpartum depression that we kindly call the baby blues”.

Subsequently, Cynthia explained that at that time, she had been supported by an association. And she would like to help them too: By living this experience, my spouse and I realized that we had no information. The Colibri association took care of me, it is a day hospital which welcomes mothers in difficulty to accompany them, help them, they really saved us”. It is therefore natural that she plans to make a donation to the association.

This other project envisaged by Cynthia

A gesture that moved the host, who congratulated the mother. Indeed, Nagui, was rather moved by learning the story of his maestro: “There are several things that I find great. Whether you want to make a donation to this association, whether you have the courage to talk about it, and the third thing is that you do it for sharing, it is by thinking of others that you do this and not protecting you.”

Note that when she arrived in the France 2 program, Cynthia had joked with Nagui about another project that she would like to launch thanks to her earnings. Indeed, the young woman wants to redo her toilet: “You have a problem with the toilet! If you earn 20,000 euros, it’s to redo the toilets. When you go on vacation, you look on the websites where the toilets are“. For the maestro, this is the most important piece. The room where she is quiet.

Nagui surprised by the appearance of Mélanie Page on the show

To be able to make a substantial donation to the association, Cynthia intends to continue to accumulate the earnings on the show. For this, she faced a new candidate. And this time, Nagui had a little surprise:“Here are the themes for Mylie and Cynthia. On your face a tear, for ten points, My son my battle, for twenty points, Mélanie Page…”. The facilitator was surprised to see the name of his wife displayed. He took the opportunity to kiss her:Here ! I kiss her my love!“. A nice sequence.