Nailea Norvind confirms return to soap operas and defends herself for selling in the tianguis

Mexico City.- The Mexican public still remembers Nailea Norvind who from the age of 17 participated in the movie “Gaby: A true story”, later had other projects such as “Quinceañera” and her acting career began to be successful and in general she began to grow and position herself as one of the favorite villains of Mexican melodramas.

But over time he began to stop participating in projects and move away from the spotlight, and after the pandemic passed it was learned that Nailea Norvind he sold organic products in a tianguis to make a living, which surprised everyone.

It was she herself who, proud of her new facet, shared in the stories of her Instagramseveral postcards in which she is seen wearing an apron, very natural, without makeup or salon hair and a big smile, sharing with the people who come to her stall to ask about her organic products.

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The actress is seen with an apron selling her products in markets. Photo: Instagram.

After the commotion, the actress originally from CDMX offered an interview in which she explained how the pandemic by Covid-19 It was a tremendous blow to his income, so he unleashed his creativity and went out to sell his own brand of organic products in the street markets and bazaars of the Mexico City. And she is aware that this not only came as a surprise but also surprised her fans.

To this day and despite the comments sent to her on this subject, Nailea decided to speak directly about her new facet, which she seeks to combine with her acting career, since in recent days it was confirmed that she returns to the screen girl to star in the telenovela “Overcome the absence”, under the production of Rosy Ocampo for the Televisa.

Nailea Norvind will continue to sell her products as it is something she is passionate about. Photo: Instagram.

To answer the question about selling at the tianguis, the famous interpreter was proud and defended her new business, as she stressed that she does not do it just because she does not have a job. “We are working people. I do not do these ventures due to lack of work as an actress.”

The melodramatic actress was excited about her return to acting, but also confirmed that she will continue to sell her products, as it is something she is passionate about and has put time, money and effort into creating her own brand.

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