Naked photos on Instagram: Britney Spears shows her newly won self-determination

Britney Spears has been causing a stir with her photos on Instagram over the past few days and her fans have started to worry about the singer again. The reason: She posted on herself, next to a quote from Hemingway and a bruised knee – naked, only covering her breasts with her hands and her private parts with a heart emoji.

Now she explains why she chose these pictures. “A few pics from my last vacation in Mexico, before I had a baby in me.” He continued: “Since I’ve been pregnant my hormones have been kind of stupid… it’s weird, I want to jump out of the car and run naked like Will Ferrell in ‘Old School’.

A source close to her also defended her newfound self-determination on Hollywood Life: “Britney feels her freedom, for so many years her every move has been controlled by her. Now that she can do what she wants, she enjoys it Pushing boundaries. Plus, she finally feels good enough about her body that she wants to show it off.” Britney loves the body positive movement and is celebrating her body after being made to feel guilty for so long. “Posting nude pics is a huge validation for her, she loves reading fan comments and getting all that love, it’s really good for her confidence.”