Nancy does NOT die (here the evidence)

    every fan of ‘Stranger Things’ Anybody worth their salt has already seen all seven episodes (or should we say movies?) that make up Season 4. But if that’s not the case, walk out of here like Vecna ​​is after you, because you’re going to run into ‘ spoilers’ more dangerous than the parallel world of the Upside Down.

    And it is that, if only a few days ago we came to warn you about the possible death of one of the protagonists, today we completely dismantle the unknown that the end of season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ left us: Does Nancy die? We are anticipating that the answer is no. At least, not in the hands of Vecna, after closing the first volume with the revelation of her identity and possessing the character played by Natalia Dyer through her trauma with Barb.

    Just as Nancy is about to cross to the other side through the open portal in Eddie’s trailer, she falls into a trance and becomes the narrator of the great discovery of the Duffer brothers’ fiction. We don’t know how she’ll wake up from that nightmare—perhaps music is the answer like it was with Max—but she will.

    stranger things natalia dyer as nancy wheeler in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

    Courtesy of Netflix

    We pronounce these words with such certainty thanks to the post-credit scenes that appear after chapter seven. Wait, haven’t you seen them yet? It’s about a ‘teaser’ of the two episodes that would close season 4and that will see the light on July 1.

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    As you can see, the matter is going to get even more intense in the couple of volumes that remain to be released, since they are practically all the plots that have been left open, but immediately we see a plane with Nancy, Steve and Robin as protagonists.

    The journalist’s character also has many questions to answer for the remaining chapters, and even the confirmed season 5 of ‘Stranger Things’. She is a key piece in solving what has been going on for years in Hawkins, but she is also the apex of a love triangle that has resurfaced: the complicity with Steve has been rekindled, while Jonathan has no intention of going to college with her. Good thing he doesn’t die.

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