Nancy Faeser: She raves about her son

As a politician, you could call participation in events such as the “Ball des Sports” a “feel good appointment”. In any case, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (52) definitely seemed to feel comfortable on the red carpet at the event on Saturday (January 21) in Frankfurt. In a royal blue dress, a subtle pearl necklace and an elegant updo, she walked the red carpet in a good mood with her husband Eyke Grüning (52), a lawyer. For the given occasion, wanted to know from Nancy Faeser: Does the minister like to be active in sports herself – and does she even have time for it in the stressful everyday life of politicians?

In the video above you can find out which sport our Minister of the Interior enjoys most and why finding time for a regular workout is not necessarily a question of her job as a politician.

Nancy Faeser also revealed to that her son Tim (born 2015) is extremely athletic: “He even does athletics and football. In that respect: great thing!” The fact that she beamed over both ears after this statement gives an idea of ​​what a proud mother the SPD politician is.

Nancy Faeser on her son: “I’m afraid I sometimes spoil him too much”

It was not until October 2022 that Interior Minister Nancy Faeser spoke in detail to BUNTE magazine about her private life. When asked what she likes to spend money on, she replied at the time: “For my son, he’s seven now. I’m afraid I sometimes spoil him too much.” She also said that Tim was enthusiastic about her job as a minister: “He was particularly impressed by the police cars and the security forces. They immediately conquered his heart – and vice versa.”

She said of her husband Eyke Grüning: “He takes on a lot more at home than I do. And we have support from my mother, which is a good feeling for me. It’s not easy for my husband, he also works as a lawyer. We went to school together and went to college together – a student love.”