Natalia Beristáin becomes the voice of searching mothers in Ruido – El Sol de México

In the movie noisethe filmmaker Natalia Beristáin gives voice to the searching mothers and openly shows the ravages that violence of the country leaves the families of the victims.

“The figures are so staggering and the violence. You find out about people close to you when you open your networks, and news invariably appears around some of the multiple violence in this country, ”he commented to El Sol de México, during a special presentation of the film held at the Cineteca.

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“It is inescapable for me to see that the figures of violence, disappearances and femicides they are only increasing. And that the kind of violence that is exercised against women is also increasingly inexplicable. It is okay to touch land and remember that we live here, we also have a responsibility as civil society to turn this violent narrative around.”

The tapewhich was filmed in San Luis Potosí, follows in the footsteps of Julia (Julieta Eugurrola), a woman whose daughter disappeared nine months ago, and since then she has gone through a tireless search where she has come across impunity, the ineffectiveness of the authorities and re-victimization by the police.

His life changes when he meets April Escobedo (Teresa Ruiz)a journalist specialized in disappearance issues, who connects her with the search parties, giving her a little hope in the midst of her pain.

For the realization of this cInta Natalia She met with various groups, who helped her understand the harshness of the reality experienced by people who have lost someone in the hands of the criminal groups.

Two of them, Voz y dignidad and Buscándote con amor, even participated in the tape during search scenes. In this regard, the filmmaker She pointed out that at first it was not planned that way, but the development of the story during the pre-production process made her understand that a representation as close as possible to reality was necessary.

“I understood that although fiction is the place where I feel most comfortable as a director, and that embroidering this story, among many others, allowed me not only to focus on the issue of disappearances, but also to touch on other edges that seemed important to me. For that chapter dedicated to the search in the field, it seemed inappropriate to me to cast actresses to play those characters, when there are those who live it in their daily lives”.

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For the filmmaker The realization of this script, which was co-written with Diego Enrique Osorno and Alo Valenzuela Escobedo, represented a journey of much learning, awareness and hope, as it reaffirmed his belief that civil society has the power to turn this “narrative around of horror” in which we live.

However, he acknowledged that “it has also been a painful journey, although we have the privilege of addressing these issues from fiction, it is impossible for you not to be upset by listening, learning more deeply about the reality of this country.”

Noise opens in select theaters on Thursday, January 5, 2023, and on January 11 on the platform Netflix. It is suitable for adults.