Natalia Esperón arrives on Televisa and speaks the truth about her relationship with Eva Longoria

If in some cases it is impossible for the current wife of a man to get along with the ex, this is not the case with Natalia Esperón, Eva Longoria and Pepe Bastón. The actress confirmed that she has a cordial relationship with the current wife of her ex, the father of her children.

Outside Televisa, Natalia Esperón spoke to the press and confirmed that they are very modern: “Of course, (we have) the best relationship, we are a very modern family (…) that is, it is a very beautiful relationship.”

They even asked her if they went on a trip together, so the actress, whom we currently see in ‘Corazón Guerrero’, shared: “After the comments of the press about whether they went on a trip together, Natalia explained:” Sure! Look, there are things that cannot be explained because they are personal and we are very lucky because we have a very nice family.”

Even Esperón, whom we hadn’t seen on television for a decade, commented on Santi, Eva’s son with Pepe: “We love Santi, we adore him, he’s the best!”

Natalia stressed that more than maturity, it is about happiness: “There is talk of happiness and what it is does not have to be announced, everything is personal, I have divine moments with me, but they are that, they are mine.”

Natalia Esperón had several children with Pepe Bastón, who was an executive of Televisa. They were married until 2005 and fathered Natalia, Mariana, José Antonio and Sebastián, who died shortly after birth.