Natalia Jiménez denies reunion with La Quinta Estación | shows

Singer Natalia Jimenez denied a reunion with the band The fifth station (LQE), to which he belonged for a decade.

“This information about the reunion is misleading and fraudulent and from here I call on businessmen and the media in Spain and other countries to be careful and not be fooled,” warned the Spaniard through a press release.

Although in the communication he does not use the name of La Quinta Estación, that was the band he belonged to from 2000 to 2010, when he began his solo career.

“We have evidence that a supposed reunion has been fraudulently announced and that an attempt is being made to sell a tour in Spain with the illicit use of the name of my group of which I and another former member have the international rights of use”, added.

LQE composed by Jiménez (voice and harmonica) and Ángel Reyero (guitar). Pablo Domínguez (guitar and bass) was the third member until his departure from the band in 2008.

“These people have agreements and judgments that do not allow them to use our brand under any circumstances. It has already happened before that an attempt was made to make use of it by one of these people, having been the favorable result for us of the use of it with the Spanish justice system. Neither of the two people, nor the manager of this supposed group, have the rights to the name, which is a fraud in the eyes of the law, ”she reiterated.

The Fifth Station produced four albums: First Take (2002), Flowers for Hire (2004), The World is Wrong (2006) and No Brakes (2009)which produced songs like The sun does not come back, Something else, I would give, Girl, Your worst mistake, I’m dying, Broken dreams, Now that you’re gone, The silly phrase of the week and Remember meto name a few.

Jiménez announced that he plans to perform in concert in Spain this year, but as part of his tour Anthology 20 years.

Locally, the singer-songwriter will perform in concert on February 14, at Coca-Cola Music Hall.

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