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Chaos ensued! Eva Ayllón and Natalia Málaga were forced to find a solution so that the concert could continue after some attendees made a ruckus in the middle of the show.

This Saturday, January 21, Eva Ayllon performed a concert at the Canout Theater and Natalia Malaga He accompanied her throughout the show. The Creole singer presented the best hits from her repertoire, dazzling dozens of attendees; However, something unforeseen happened in the audience and, from one moment to the next, an awkward moment broke out in which she had to intervene to be able to continue with her concert. On her side, the former volleyball player was looking for a way to solve the problem without maximizing the scandal.

What happened to Eva Ayllón in concert?

As can be seen in the video, Eva Ayllón had to stop her presentation and take a few minutes to talk to the public and call for calm: “As an artist, I don’t know how to handle the public. That’s why always, apart from begging and begging them to arrive on time, I ask you, please, to arrive with everything you have bought, it is the most fair thing. I don’t know what happens here, but my show has to go on”.

However, the singer’s words did not reassure the public, so she had to draw attention to those who were involved in the problem: “Don’t you want to? Yeah, but can you be quiet while I introduce the boy? He is not about a big person like me, he is a child ”.

With whom did Eva Ayllón appear?

Tonight, Eva Ayllón had agreed to a show with Facundo Sanz, a boy whom she trained in the program “La voz kids”. Both continued with the show, but it was Natalia Málaga who calmed down the attendees and tried to find a solution to the problem.

  Eva Ayllón appeared with Facundo Sanz at the Canout Theater.  Photo: @evaayllon/Facebook

Eva Ayllón appeared with Facundo Sanz at the Canout Theater. Photo: @evaayllon/Facebook

Eva Ayllón breaks down when remembering the death of her grandmother

Eva Ayllón starred in an emotional episode during one of the days of “La voz kids”. The coach remembered her grandmother when one of her small participants sang the song “When my guitar cries”, so she could not help but shed a few tears.