Natalia Téllez confessed that for a moment she thought about leaving her baby, Emilia, and her husband and leaving the country | Famous

On more than one occasion, the actress and host has been honest with her fans about how she lives the stage she is in and despite the fact that she has been more than happy in the company of her baby and her partner, she has also pointed out how difficult that has turned out to be a mother.

“For me it was an impossible challenge, because I used to say: ‘it’s impossible to be a mother’ and I saw them and said: ‘it’s an impossible job,’” she commented.

Did Natalia Téllez think about leaving her baby, Emilia?

A few months after her birth, the also actress confessed that she thought about leaving the country and leaving her baby with Antonio, her boyfriend, because her first approach as a mother had been very complicated.

“When my baby was born, I had her one day at night and during the day it was a very difficult day: the milk, the baby, connected, the hormone and I said ‘what’s going on?’ So, very late at night I went to see how much money I had in the bank and in fact I called to ask how much I could withdraw and in a panic attack I thought I would leave and I thought this was real, “he revealed in a talk during the program ‘ Divine nets’.

The interpreter of ‘After you’, also revealed that Antonio “is a great man”, so he would take care of his baby with love and tenderness and he would be the one who would raise the baby if she left.

“In other words, I saw the man lying in an armchair and the baby of this size (little), ‘take your daughter, ma’am’ (they told her at the hospital), and I said I can’t do this, I’m sorry, I I’m going to leave the country and Antonio is going to raise Emilia and everyone is going to have to excuse me, I’m going to leave a letter where I say I love everyone, I tried and I got here, “he confessed.

Her castmates Consuelo Duval, Paola Rojas and Daniela Magun, could not contain their laughter at the story, but they assured that it is something that happens to all mothers on a daily basis.

“I live everything with guilt, less and less and I work on it a little every day, but the word guilt came into my life that day, that is, on the first day that Liam was born, I knew the word guilt. Before, I really swear I had never felt it, “said Daniela Magun about it.

For her part, Paola Rojas assured that it is not a tragic story and what happened to Natalia Téllez is postpartum depression.

“It’s called postpartum depression and you’re accommodating a lot of things, including things that suddenly help you think and make decisions. I mean, you haven’t thought about that anymore (…) It’s normal, ”she pointed out.

Various celebrities such as Adele, Drew Barrymore and Aislinn Derbez have spoken about how they experienced postpartum depression, as well as the hormonal and physical changes that pregnancy brings.

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