Natalia Téllez couple second chance

Although the actress and presenter Natalia Tellez He is characterized by speaking transparently, to some extent he keeps his family life private to protect it. However, in the recent broadcast of “Netas Divinas” she opened her heart and revealed that his partner gave him a second chance.

The actress of “Sick love” addressed the issue because in the Unicable program they talked about second chances. She recalled that, when she began the relationship with Antonio Zabalaboth expressed their desire to live together and start a family.

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wounds from the past

This honesty was symbolic for 37-year-old Natalia Téllez, but she still admitted that ran away from the relationship because of the fears that arose as a result of the “orphanhood” that she experienced because she lost her mother when she was a teenager.

Natalia Téllez reveals that her partner gave her a second chance. Photos: Instagram Natalia Tellez.

“I am with Antonio (Zabala) because he gave me a second chance. Everything was going well, and I cut it off. I had doubts of certain things (…), I had the ability to see my need to look for it and really see what the absolute truth of Nat was, ”explained the host.

self sabotage

After doing this analysis, Natalia Téllez realized that the fear it came from knowing that the next step was to start a family, even though it was something she herself wanted; In a certain way, the presenter was sabotaging herself and that is why in the first instance the first step was to leave the relationship.

Natalia Téllez reveals that her partner gave her a second chance. Photos: Instagram Natalia Tellez.

“I knew that if I went with Antonio (Zabala), what followed was a family. That was what he wanted, he had spoken, and I think he scared me a lot. And I tried to escape from that and I tried to question it until the last second, “explained the driver, who said her lights came on. orphan alarmsinsecurity, chaos, fears.

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For Natalia Téllez, it is important to accept that he gave her a second chance to resume the relationship, since “it was a second chance that has paid off.” In addition, she made it clear that she had in front of her everything she longed for and needed, but above all it was with the person who wanted to be.

That is why the actress considers that it is worth giving second chances, since some may have a good ending and she is proof of that because she is building a family.

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