Natalia Téllez reveals that she wanted her mother’s death for this reason – New Woman

Natalia Tellez He has been characterized by his honesty when sharing intimate moments with his audience on the ‘Netas Divinas’ program. He recently surprised everyone when revealed that at age 15 he had wished his mother dead for a strong reason.

Natalia Téllez: this was the death of her mother

When Natalia was just a teenager, her mother fell ill with cancer., something that caused him a lot of suffering and pain. During a conversation between her and her program partners, she revealed that this had made her experience moments of sadness.

“There is a very beautiful movie that made me cry a lot. It’s called ‘A Monster Comes to See Me’, and it’s about a boy whose mother is sick with cancer. Then a monster comes and the boy says: ‘Brother, you’re going to have to do something much stronger for you to scare me, my mom is dying’”

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Natalia revealed that initially she prayed for her mother to be cured of the cancer she had, but seeing that she did not improve and suffered a lot, he began to wish that he would die to free himself from his pain.

“For someone to leave, as if you liberate them from love, as if they don’t belong to you, but I feel that there are very painful processes that… like you, in front of you, accept that you prayed one day ‘let her stay, heal her’ and one day you prayed ‘let it go’”

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This made him feel guilty. after the death of his mother.

“I understood it, I was so guilty of that, like saying: ‘I am the worst person that an incredible woman (had), I prayed that she would go away, that is, I prayed that she would go away”

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Finally, Natalia was able to say goodbye to her mother through a series of letters with which she was able to express her pain.

Her companions on the program cried upon hearing her story and showed her their support.

Prior to become a motherNatalia had revealed that it was something that scared her a lot, since she had had a painful experience with her mother.

During a talk held by the hosts of the program, Natalia revealed that despite wanting to be a mother, she was afraid of living this stage because she lost her mother at a very young age. because of cancer, so before deciding to take on this challenge, he would have to meet some conditions.

“It scares me, and I guess it’s because I lost my mom very young and literally my family dissolved, a mom is everything, it’s the root. I think that there I got an idea that it is easier if you go through life alone; If I am independent and if I am well, I don’t need anyone and that way no one hurts me”

He commented that one of them is to get rid of the fear he feels, that’s why He has resorted to books and therapeutic strategies to overcome it.

“I read it and said to whom he wrote, to my mother, to cancer, to death… I wrote from anger… and the next thing I did was write a letter from my mother’s point of view and I fell a thousand and twenty”

her companions They responded by praising her and telling her that she would be a very good motherand whatever child she had would be very lucky to have her by her side.

Also He said that motherhood has many positive things but it is a lot of work and that is why it must be a personal decision and no one should judge those who decide not to. For her, it has been a stage of changes in her life that she has enjoyed and that has also made her reflect a lot.