Natalia Téllez with a bag of teddy details that shows her bra

the talented Natalia Tellez She left us speechless and surprised on this occasion, as she dazzled with elegance by posing in a jacket with teddy details, a garment with which her bra and her charms were shown without filters.

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Natalia Téllez has always stood out for her talent and beauty, an attribute that she always boasts with beautiful outfits, so today was no exception and she elegantly dazzled with a red suit jacket. suedea garment that featured a beige teddy all around and on the wrists.

This piece exposed the driver’s black bra, which in turn showed part of her breasts, proving that as she said, breastfeeding is making her feel better. perfection. To this outfit she added baggy black pants and her hair in a ponytail.

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While her makeup was unusual, as she completely outlined her eyes and painted her lips wine, as well as adding a tiny gold chain. His followers were delighted with such beauty, so they immediately filled the section with many compliments and hearts.

Through his stories, he also showed us several images with this outfit, which suits him very well. Natalia Tellez She has always been cataloged as a fashion lover, since all the outfits she wears are beautiful and combine the trend colors.

Like her thousands of dresses with puffed sleeves, ruffle details or sequins, to name a few. So far, these are the only news that the driver has shared on her social networks, but we will keep abreast of the news that arises.

Remember that you can see it in Divine Netone of the most sincere programs and conducted by great women, in addition to having luxury guests, for example, in the following program, Olimpia Coral, the creator of the Olimpia Law, the one that punishes cyberbullying.

Program where he will tell his story to overcome this bitter moment. In others newswe have not heard anything about her beautiful Emilia, she has days that she does not share with us how much fun she has as a mother and how much she loves her little son.

We miss the photos that make our hearts explode, and more if it comes out güero, her husband and Mr. William Tellezthey are a beautiful family, we are already anxious because this beautiful little girl begins to take her first steps or words, how tender that of babies.