Natalie Portman metamorphosed: she reveals the underside of her impressive physical transformation

While the fourth installment of Thor, entitled Love and Thunder, will be released in theaters on July 13, Natalie Portman delivered on her impressive physical transformation for her role as Jane Foster.

Jane Foster takes the lead. In a few days – next July 13 – the fourth part of Thorentitled Thor: Love and Thunder. Episode in which the Nordic god’s companion becomes a superhero in turn. “Before, Jane was a brave scientist, whom Thor had to save in case of danger. Now she’s on her own“, rejoices his interpreter, Natalie Portman in the columns of TV 7 Days this Monday July 4th. And to develop:When she fights by his side, they make a formidable team, but Jane also has poignant motivations, very interesting to interpret.“.

But for this new Marvel movie, Natalie Portman who inherits the Mjolnir, the famous hammer of Thor, had to transform physically. “Usually actresses go to the gym to stay lean and toned, but this time I had to work ten months to change my build and build muscle“, she says to our colleagues. Helped by a trainer and stuntmen, the actress has metamorphosed. Above all, she has “loved learning to [se] to beat“. A role that caused a sensation with their children : Aleph, 11 years old and Amalia, five and a half years old. “They thought it was cool, but what really excited them was seeing me play against the alien Korg, their favorite Marvel character!”, she laughs. And to launch in a burst of laughter: “It was he who allowed me to earn points with my offspring!

What Natalie Portman thinks of Chris Hemsworth

While she was absent from the third episode of Thor, Natalie Portman took pleasure in returning to this franchise. And to give the answer again to his playing partner, Chris Hemsworth. “I am amazed by his talent! Chris moves effortlessly from dramatic scene to wacky comedy moments“, explains the companion of Benjamin Millepied. So much so that turning this shutter was not easy, sinceshe had to stop herself from laughing. “He invents such funny lines! I held myself back so as not to burst out laughing in the middle of the shots…“, she confirms. “Blown away by what he was doing“, Natalie Portman had to se”focus on not being a mere spectator. Something to make the mouths of fans…